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Gourmet Oatmeal

We’ve taken oatmeal to new heights with superior ingredients blended into innovative flavors.

  • Apple Crisp Apple CrispWe add our own twist to this wholesome dessert classic. Apples, walnuts and cinnamon are sprinkled with white chocolate chips to provide the “ice cream” topping.
  • Banana Bread Banana BreadA banana and walnut classic. This is the perfect way to take your banana bread on the go. Way less work than grandma’s recipe and way more fun to head out the door with a comforting favorite.
  • Blueberry Blitz Blueberry BlitzPlump, yogurt-covered berries add a creamy smoothness. Follow that with more blueberries for a perfect combo.
  • Cherry & Chia Cherry & ChiaCombine the antioxidant power of cherries with the protein, fiber and Omega fatty acids found in Chia Seeds and you have an oatmeal that will fuel your adventurous day. This will become a favorite!
  • Hemp N’ Oats, Man! Hemp N' OatsFar out man, this product will take you back to the 70s with a groovy dose of organic honey crystals, organic molasses, hulled hemp seeds, and a pinch of sea salt.
  • Maple Oats Maple OatsSimply delicious with simple ingredients. Certified gluten free whole grain rolled oats are sweetened with a touch of maple sugar. If you like it basic, this one is for you, or customize it with your own toppings!
  • Oh, My! Pumpkin Pie Cup-Pumpkin_PieSeasonal Flavor. The warm flavors of pumpkin pie combines with energizing raisins and the nutritional powerhouse of pumpkin seeds. You might just say, “Oh, my!” after the first bite.
  • Orange Cranberry Cup-Orange_CranberrySeasonal Flavor. This classic combines cranberries and walnuts with a light infusion of orange. When you are looking for a delicious, yet healthy meal, you’re going to reach for this flavor!
  • PatriOats PatrioatsThis patriotic favorite will WOW you with Red, White and Blue! Contains cherries, blueberries and white chocolate chips.
  • PB&J PB & JGive it up for PB&J! Strawberries compliment our all-natural peanut butter chips, with peanuts added for extra crunch in this innovative way to get your PB&J fix.
  • Peaches & Berry Bramble Peaches & Berry BrambleA perfect balance of juicy peaches and ripe raspberries. This mixture will energize your day and put a smile on your face. We did not add nuts to this one, so if you are looking for an oatmeal free of nuts but not sacrificing taste we have your new favorite!
  • Pineapple Cocon-Oats Cup-Pineapple CoconoatsDelicious golden pineapple, shaved coconut and a hint of brown sugar combine to give a sensation of tropical breezes on a summer island. Enjoy!

Savory New Flavors

  • Savory Indian Curry Cup-Savory-Indian CurryThe flavors of Southern Asia inspire this Indian classic. Rich curry spices are complimented with raisins, cashews, and candied ginger. Sure to become your new lunch time favorite!
  • Savory Morroccan Spice Cup-Savory-Moroccan SpiceThe exotic region of Northern Africa tempts in this Moroccan masterpiece. Diced figs, sliced almonds and a blend of fragrant spices will delight you with the tastes of Marrakesh!
  • Savory Tuscan Herb Cup-Savory-Tuscan HerbThe savory herbs of Central Italy are vibrant in this Tuscan temptation. Let the bright tomato pieces, dried chives, and rosemary transport you to the sun drenched valley.